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IV Hydration Therapy

IV Hydration Therapy services offered in Houston, Spring, TX

Intravenous (IV) hydration therapy rapidly replenishes fluids and nutrients in your body. At DMA Health & Wellness in Spring, Texas, Debbie Awolowo, RN, CRNA, ARNP, and the team provide IV hydration therapy to support a wide range of health goals and concerns, from fatigue to weight loss. Call today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about IV hydration therapy at DMA Health & Wellness.

I take vitamins. Why would I need IV hydration therapy?

IV hydration therapy is a wellness service available at DMA Health & Wellness. Even if you take vitamins, your body may not get all the necessary nutrients.

You may need nutrients in amounts you can’t take by mouth or to replenish losses quickly following an illness or an intense workout. 

IV hydration therapy rapidly delivers fluids and nutrients into your bloodstream and to the organs and tissues that need them. 

What types of IV hydration therapy are available?

DMA Health & Wellness provides all the services you need to look and feel your best. Their  wide selection of IV hydration therapies include:

Myers’ mixture

The Myers’ mixture is a popular IV hydration therapy with vitamins and minerals that combats fatigue, poor nutrition, allergies, asthma, migraines, and more.

Price: $159

Metabolic/weight loss

Metabolic/weight loss IV hydration therapy kickstarts and maintains weight loss with a dose of energizing vitamins that increases metabolism and curbs appetite. This therapy also includes add-ons like glutathione, Lipo-C intramuscular (IM) injections, and more.

Price: $219

Migraine and pain

Migraine and pain IV hydration therapy relieves your discomfort with a liter of hydrating fluids, essential nutrients, and an IV push of pain-relieving Toradol™ and anti-nausea Zofran®.

Price: $179

Beauty infusion

The beauty infusion contains vitamins, glutathione, and biotin to rehydrate and nourish your skin, hair, and nails, restoring your skin’s youthful glow, creating luminous hair, and strengthening brittle nails. 

Price: $189

Immune booster

The immune booster strengthens your immune system and fights off infections with fluids and antioxidants like vitamin C and zinc.

Price: $179

Hangover cure

The hangover cure instantly hydrates and replenishes vitamins to prevent and restore your well-being.

Price: $169

Simple hydration

Simple hydration therapy provides fluids and electrolytes to rehydrate your body.

Price: $89

What is customized IV hydration therapy?

The team at DMA Health & Wellness takes an individualized approach to care. They offer add-on medications and nutrients for their IV hydration therapy so they can customize your treatment.

Add-ons include:

  • Toradol (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug): $20
  • Zofran (anti-nausea medication): $20
  • Glutathione (powerful antioxidant) : $30
  • Dexamethasone (anti-inflammatory): $30

You can resume your normal routine after your IV hydration therapy. Though results vary, you may experience a boost in energy and mood following your session.

Call DMA Health & Wellness today or schedule your IV hydration therapy consultation online.